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This is just wrong

And yes, I checked, and it's true. Current official Boy Scout knives are made in China.

If I perceived the slightest sign of quality in this thing, I wouldn't be quite as upset. But I don't. The "stainless" steel doesn't appear to be remotely so. The blade isn't just corroding (which most stainless steels will do to a greater or lesser extent); it's rusting.

A Boy Scout knife used to be a prized possession, something for which one saved or wished for at Christmas, and then probably used well into adulthood or passed on to a son (or daughter). They were made by legendary companies such as Case, Camillus, and Kershaw.

Think this will be an heirloom someday?


  1. Why not... The olympic uniforms were made there... I'm sure my 30 year old version is US made, but I will have to check. That's too bad.

  2. We can blame ourselves for creating a consumer culture - I'm agin' it.

  3. Price seems to drive so much now, rather than quality. I am not against all things Chinese-made; only those that are only made there to be cheaper, for the wrong reasons. But Jonathan's right: something like this used to be something kids saved up for, or got as a special Christmas or birthday present.

  4. Seems appropriate for an organization such as the Boy Scouts, discriminatory and dictatorial. Now, the Girl Scouts that's a quality organization.


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