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Double Circle Ranch in eastern AZ a great destination

Looking for a unique overland getaway in a remote part of Arizona, with all the romance of the old West, and all the forward-thinking of the new West? Check out Double Circle Ranch, a classic dude ranch with a twist: ride roundups, enjoy classes on ecosystem restoration or painting or photography, or just hang out in one of the great outfitter tents that give this solar- and wind-powered ranch a real-old-west feel. You can explore the Eagle Creek roads all the way to the bottom of the Mogollon Rim, where some fantastic hiking trails begin. The owners also support important efforts such as restoration of the Mexican gray wolf to its former range in the area ~ how cool is that?

New iLCP website

The International League of Conservation Photographers has launched a beautiful new website that's well worth a look.

Their RAVE projects are impressive. RAVE stands for Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition, the aim of which is to "achieve a full visual and media assessment of a threatened ecosystem in a short period of time, by means of a multi-disciplinary team including iLCP photographers working in a variety of specialties (landscape, wildlife, macro, camera trapping, portraiture, documentary, etc.), writers, and videographers. Their job is to bring back a comprehensive portrait of a conservation issue or threat and to hopefully train the lens of the international media on that issue." Click on the photo or link above to learn more about this great organization.