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D.I.Y. foreign aid ~ a great article by Nicolas Kristof

There is a very long but very interesting and thoughtful article in the NYT by Nicolas Kristof on the many people, especially the young, who are embarking on their own charities for causes about which they are passionate. Some really inspiring stories:

Luncheon companions

Had lunch with potential partners at the Living Desert zoo in Palm Springs. These Asian leopards were our companions. I love this work!

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Back home, in style!

After 24+ hours on planes and in airports we arrived home to our beautiful Sonoran Desert. At the airport in Phoenix a friendly bellhop offered to get us a cab to our truck parked at a friend's house in Tempe; but what he got us was a limo! Same price as a yellow cab, so what the heck? 3000 miles of African roads, then the last 25 of our trip by limo. At least it wasn't a Hummer limo.

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The dreaded exclamation you don't want to hear: safari ants!

Millions of them invaded our camp/lodge last night. Quite an impressive sight, and even more impressive bites. Ouch! And they don't let go. We slept lightly imagining them invading our beds.

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South Rift Game Scouts donation

Some of the 'bull-dust' common in the Rift Valley during the dry season. The dust is the texture of cornsilk and billows like water - and enters any possible crack and settles on everything.

We arrived at the South Rift Resource Centre in southern Kenya yesterday afternoon after a spectacular drive from the moist highlands of Nairobi down the Great Rift Valley wall, and today spent the day with the South Rift Game Scouts from the two nearby communities.

We brought with us 5 lightweight tents donated by Sierra Designs, and waterproof binoculars and GPS units (and a solar battery recharger) donated by ConserVentures members and supporters.

Jonathan showed the scouts how to pitch the tents and set up and use the binoculars.

The equipment is just the start of a support program we are developing for the community conservation area game scouts in the region. Over half the famous East African wildlife in Kenya exists outside the parks, in community owned lands like the Maasai. They have developed their own scouts program to guard against poaching (which they are very effective at), and act as liaisons with the community when there are wildlife conflicts such as lions eating cattle. Not too long ago these young men would have been 'employed' in their communities as warriors; now they are warriors of sorts, but on the front lines of conservation.