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Tanking up

Here's Jonathan tanking up before his whirlwind round-the-Grand Canyon ride, fantastic fajitas at Cliff Dwellers Lodge. Where does he put it?

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Vermillion Cliffs

At Cliff Dweller's Lodge, Grand Canyon - seeing Jonathan off on a solo ride around the Grand Canyon. Howling wind today all the way from Tucson!

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Summer garden

The hills around Ravenrock are as green as an English garden, with flowers and butterflies everywhere. We leave in a few weeks for East Africa and will land deep in their dry season. But at least the heat is the same!

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Sunning vultures

After a rainy night, our local vultures were sunning themselves in the morning sun in trees along the big Raven Wash. I love when they hold their wings out like this - perhaps the only time you could call vultures beautiful!

Local safari: West Coast Tank, aborted

One of our favorite summer activities is to explore the beautiful ranchlands and wildlife refuge immediately south of Ravenrock—one of the best destinations being West Coast Tank, an enormous cattle pond that fills up (about 5 acres) every summer with the rains. We've had inches of rain, so we headed south to West Coast. But halfway there we had to turn around, because another flooded tank had totally backed up into the road:

We explored a new route around to the east, and discovered some lovely country and lots of little temporary creeks running from the Sierrita Mountains. The desert is bursting green, and the sky was lovely blue, the Baboquivari Mountains a vibrant purple-blue. Lots of new flowers and butterflies, including ghost brimstones and bright yellow giant sulphurs.

We had lunch at the Gadsden Coffee Company in Arivaca, then out to I-19 via Amado, where we saw this sign—rural church humor. Pretty funny.