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Great event ~ great people

I'm still recovering from many months straight of planning and organizing the second annual Overland Expo, which finished up the 18th of April. The event was an enormous success, I am happy to say ~ thousands of people gathered from 35 U.S. states, 4 Canadian provinces, 25 countries, 5 continents and a subcontinent. We had 100 exhibitors and authors/filmmakers, but the real treat were all the people. We met so many fantastic new friends . . . Ted (, Nicole (, Ara (, Lorraine (, Grant ( - thanks for the photo and the loan of the hats!), and Duncan (, Sarah ( . . . and we caught up with many old friends. We are a tribe of nomads and explorers, who come together once a year at Overland Expo to catch up and compare adventures. You can check out more photos on the website, and as well as video at Hope to see you there next year.

Spring in Arizona

Half an inch of rain, snow in the mountains, birds singing, and the start of some spectacular flowers.