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Fall is here

We've had an interesting hummingbird migration change in the last 4 days ~ for more than a week prior to Labor Day we had almost entirely Black-chinned Hummingbirds dominating our 3 feeders, as many as 10 - 12 birds. Then from September 9 - 10, the activity dropped to just a couple Anna's males, who sat and sang and sparred a bit. But then today, a few late Rufous migrants roared in and we have 6-8 birds zooming around madly again. Fall in the Sonoran Desert!

Weather continues to be unsettled for September - we had a wonderful hard rain last night.

I'm leaving tomorrow for Kenya for a couple weeks, to do some work there with the South Rift Association of Land Owners and African Conservation Centre. I will post images and video as I can - I'll be surveying and reporting on much of the drought, which is devastating.

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