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Beautiful patterns in nature - spots

Since I was 12, I have been in love with spotted cats. I am irrationally moved to possess anything adorned with the gorgeous patterns of leopards, cheetahs, or jaguars. I am normally quite a rational, even frugal person. But I can be walking through the grocery store on a mission to buy a gallon of milk, and out of the corner of my eye spot (pun intended?) a leopard-print mug - and I'm completely sidetracked. I often buy it, even if the price is silly. I recently found myself spending an extra $20 for a Flip Video, just so I could get the 'custom' version with cheetah spots. I bought leopard-print fabric to cover my truck's center console, then it ended up on the visors, too . . . How bad can it get?

Here is video proof. 

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