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Ravenrock ~ Our home in the Sonoran Desert

We are blessed to live on 20 acres surrounded on three sides by half a million acres of public land . . . we have no neighbors, can see only a few lights dozens of miles away at night, generate our own power from the sun and wind, our water comes from a well, and our communications from satellite and cellular.

It is called Ravenrock, for the reef of black rock that runs through the whole of the property, and for the pair of ravens that make their home here with us—actually, who share their home with us, for they were here before we were.

It is our inspiration, our dream home, our refuge that we are fortunate to share. As creative people with long and deep connections to nature, it is vital to us to be a part of a natural place, where humans are just one of the many animals making their way through the world. The silence, the views, the other lives—all give us peace and inspire our work.

We will continue to post here about our little cottage, office, and the home we are building bit by bit in this corner of the Sonoran Desert.

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